Rhythm problems, called atrial fibrillation is seen among 40-60% of cardiac valve patients and 5-10% of ischemic cardiac disease patients. If patients who need to undergo a cardiac valve or coronary bypass operations, have rhythm problems, this can be treated with ablation technique, which improves the life quality. Arrhythmia surgery is treating atrial fibrillation through surgical methods.

Arrhythmia Surgery

Atrial fibrillation is the most commonly seen arrhythmia form. It is the abnormal cardiac rhythm rooting from the atrium. Its symptoms are palpitation, malaise, dizziness, restlessness and breath shortness. It may lead to embolism and thus to stroke or cardiac insufficiency. Atrial fibrillation can be seen among patients with mitral valve disease (40-60%), artic valve disease (10-20%) and coronary artery disease (10%). Atrial fibrillation can be treated surgically along with valve and bypass operations. Using specially designed radiofrequency or cryo-energy catheter, the inside of the atrium is burnt or frozen, enabling the normalization of the irregular rhythm. The procedure can be made with both open and closed (endoscopic or robotic) surgery methods. The success rate of this operation is around 80%. Prof. Mustafa Guden is among the first surgeons to have employed this technique for the first time in Turkey. He has been training his colleagues, both locally and on international platforms, on arrythmia surgery.

Patient Care at Home Following an Open-Heart Surgery

After the discharge your doctor will prescribe oral medication. The prescription may include any or some of the medication listed below, depending on their need for the continued treatment.

  • Blood-thinner: Aspirin, Warfarin (Coumadin etc.). Blood-thinners help decrease the embolism risk.
  • Cardiac medication: These agents will strengthen your heart and regulate the pace.
  • Stool softeners: These medications eliminate constipation by facilitating the normalization of bowel movements.
  • Diuretics: Enabling you discharge more liquids, diuretics eliminate edema and excessive liquid accumulation. read more