Known as cardiac tumor, this disease is an abnormal tissue growth on the heart or cardiac valves.

Cardiac tumors cab me malign or benign. The tumors that grow inside the heart and contained within are called primary tumors. The tumors that have started to grow in another organ and then spread to the heart are called secondary tumors. The most common type of primary cardiac tumor is myxoma, which is benign. However, depending on their location and size, benign cardiac tumors may also lead to serious results.

Sometimes, tumor cells may break off and join the bloodstream, which leads to embolism. In addition, tumors may block the cardiac valves, causing complaints similar to stenosis. Tumors may also lead to a general fatigue and exhaustion. Due to their risks, sometimes the tumors need to be removed surgically. The decision on whether to remove the tumor or not is taken by the surgeon, who takes many factors into account: the size and location of the tumor, the symptoms and the general medical state of the patient.

Cardiac tumors can be removed through 3 techniques: open-heart tumor surgery, endoscopic cardiac surgery or robotic surgery. The operation method to be employed depends on the medical state of the patient, the size and spreading of the tumor and the competence of the surgical team. In cardiac tumor surgery, Prof. Guden employs any of these three methods, depending on the case.

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