In coronary artery bypass operations, new arteries, taken from different parts of the body, are used to bypass the narrowed part. The most commonly used one is the saphenous vein. The other ones are the thoracic artery and the axillary artery. Research shows that in the long-term, the best results are taken from the bypasses made using the thoracic artery.

While 50-60% of the bypasses made using the saphenous vein remain open in 10 years, this rate rises to 90-95% for the bypasses made with the thoracic artery. Therefore, the coronary bypass operations made using the thoracic artery is more advantageous for the patient.

Coronary bypass operation made without using the saphenous vein is a more challenging technique for the surgeon. Besides, the operation lasts longer. Therefore, not many clinics prefer employing it. However, since this technique significantly decreases a reop need, the coronary bypass surgery without using the saphenous vein must be the first option especially in patients under 65.

Bacak Damarı Kullanmadan Koroner Bypass Ameliyatı