Tricuspid valve regulated the blood flow between the right atrium and right ventricle of the heart. Tricuspid valve may become deficient due to stenosis, insufficiency, atresia and Ebstein’s anomaly. Tricuspid valve disease decelerates the blood flow and causes backflow, both of which affect the cardiac performance. (Tricuspid Valve Repair or Replacement). Depending on the severity of the disease and the medical condition of the patient, tricuspid valve disease can rarely be treated with medication. Usually, surgery is inevitable since the disease creates a mechanical problem in the heart.

Tricuspid stenosis: The valve cannot open properly due to the hardening or thickening of the tricuspid valve leaflets.

Tricuspid insufficiency: The leaflets do not close properly and blood flows backwards from the ventricle to the atrium.

Tricuspid atresia: This is a congenital cardiac disease where the tricuspid valve is completely absent. Due to the lack of the valve, there is no blood flow between the atrium and ventricle.

Ebstein’s anomaly: In this heart defect, the tricuspid valve sits lower than normal. Just like in tricuspid insufficiency, this state causes backflow of the blood.

Tricuspid Valve Repair

In tricuspid valve disease there are two treatment methods: repair and replacement. The best treatment method is determined according to the test results showing the location, type and degree of the disease. General condition of the heart, as well as the age, life style and general state of the patient are the other factors the surgeon considers. The international medical approach is to repair the tricuspid valve, when possible. In addition to the classical surgery methods, tricuspid valve repair operations can also be performed using endoscopic and robotic surgery techniques.

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Being among the first surgeons to have performed tricuspid valve repair operations in our country, Prof. Mustafa Guden has a high success rate in this surgery method. He is currently training his colleagues on tricuspid valve repair method on the international arena.