Mitral Valve Repair or Vave Replacement?


Repairing the patient’s own valve is the best method, according to the guidelines. Arguing that damaged mitral valves cannot be repaired and that they have to be replaced with a mechanical or bio-prothesis valve is baseless. There are many clinics around the world, where almost all mitral valve regurgitations are repaired. Patients should prefer a team experienced specifically in mitral valve repair operations. Prof. Mustafa Guden’s success rate in all types of mitral valve repair operations is 98%. Only in 2% of the patients, he prefers to perform mitral valve replacement technique.

Advantages of Mitral Valve Repair compared to Vave Replacement

  • Better short- and long-term life expectancy
  • Improved life quality
  • Better preserved cardiac functions
  • Lower risk of infection and stroke
  • No need for blood-thinner medication

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